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Compost Toilets

Waterless Compost Toilets recreate the conditions that occur in nature, where one organisms waste becomes another’s resource.

When human waste is composted correctly it is processed through the actions of micro-organisms and insects to become a valuable resource for our gardens (as all pathogens and disease agents are neutralized in a contained system).

Composting is the natural process through which waste matter is converted into hummus through organic decomposition.

These systems have the added benefit of huge water savings, as up to 30% of a normal households water use is through the toilet! And when installed correctly they are odourless and easily maintained, requiring no chemical input at all. The collected waste reduces in volume by up to 90% as it is broken down thus minimizing the need to empty the chamber. Typically a household may remove finished compost once a year, digging this directly into their own garden as a rich resource. And any liquid that passes through the pile will also be neutralized, before being allowed to seep into a grey water trench.

By controlling the flow of air through the system liquids are evaporated, the compost is aerated, and all odours are channeled away from the user.

This is the sustainable way to not only deal with, but also to benefit from, your own waste.