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For sustainable futures  
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Never doubt that the choices you make do have an impact.

Pioneering positive common sense steps towards a sustainable future, through minimizing your personal ecological footprint, is within everybody’s power.

Choosing to install a compost toilet or plant native trees & plants directly supports your local biosphere and that of the whole Earth.

We have many opportunities to live more sustainably in our own homes and local environment, thus having a positive impact for future generations.


"Caspar is the Kenny of composting. He installed our loo from start to
finish – helping us select the right one for our needs, pouring the
foundations, installing the system, getting it working right etc. I think he
even tested it for us. What he doesn’t know about composting loos,
and sustainable living in general, hasn’t been invented yet. He was fast,
efficient, competitively priced and a joy to work with."
- Adam Blanch, Byron Bay

"Caspar , thanks for being helpful, committed and sensible. Your
passion and enduring focus on getting our composting loo established
and integrated into the cycle of day to day environmental balancing
which has become such an important part of life here has taken what
could have been a mundane effort to one more akin to 'humour and
happiness for humans and their humus'. Please invite any possible
future clients to visit or call here and good luck with this worthy enteprise."
- Leon and family @lemmman

"Hi Caspar…The tree planting project has been our pleasure and the
rains have been very beneficial. Thanks for your work. All the best."
- Liz & Bob